Friday, September 26, 2008

video making

you know that im not moving & i won't
current song : the man who can't be moved - the script
current mood : happy :)
hi everyone!

as you know we've already upload our video on youtube :) have you guys watch it??? cos you better be! hehehe :D we're so waiting for your response guys!

here's some pics from 'making the video'

vlogging at the making

meet our bestfriend, shabrina :)

eggy trains shabrina martial art (its gonna be on our next special video, so stay tunned at youtube guys!)

we were having so much fun :) oh and, pevita made some serious 'sidekick joke', and it was NOT funny at all. she was freakin us out to death, and she just pointing laugh at us and rolling on bed. fyi, i totally HATE sidekick things. i just scared when someone just read people's thought like OHMYGOD! i hate it i hate it i h-h-h-hate it.

it's 3.24 in the morning, im ruining my bed time as per usual, now im sitting in my bed by the window, watching pevita on RCTI's SAUR PRISE. hahaha.

oh, dan berhubung sebentar lagi lebaran, we wanna say to you guys, minal aidin walfaizin yaa :) jangan lupa kirim2 THR-nya ya ke kita hehehe.

over and out!


p.s : thanks for the lovely song, nofakzar :)

oh no, she wearing my scarf.


doubleh said...

Ive watched the video. Very funny and insance.

Anonymous said...

i see. you girls are a cute bunch. may your friendship lasts till eternity. (:

jerapahmerah said...



apalagi pas uda mo abis,,

makes me smile,,
a lot :D

add lg vloggingnya!

p : link (bnr g?)
d : subscribe...

......silent here...
(the 3rd person just smile...:D)

p : bilang subscribe..
? : subscribe.
p : now
? : now.



p : bilang suscribe
? : subscribe.
p : now
? : now.


jellypilotot said...

waaahh...nice to meet you all :D


Te-O-Pe dah...
pevita cantiiiig mampus..
love u bertubi-tubi pev. :D

Diza & Pevita said...

Heyyy ! ayo berikan tantangan buat kita yang nantinya akan kita upload di youtube !!!! yang seru yaaaa


Anonymous said...

tantangan apa ya??? gimana kalo kalian be-2 terjun dr monas, ato klo ga renang dilumpur lapindo. justkid bu.
btw, met lebaran girls..
pevita ampe mati..
~forza pevita~

reginapernong said...

videonya bagus juga. gmn kalo tantangannya you both dance in a really eccentric way? just an idea :)