Sunday, September 7, 2008

12 Years Friendship

(it takes about half an hour to decide which picture we're gonna put in this blog)


this is DIZA and PEVITA and now we're at diza's house and we were talking about Miley and Mandy show, and then we came up with this idea

1. Make blog about ourselves and our experiences and our daily stuffs
2. Make a video

So it's like Vlogging afterall ;)

hmm , we make this whole blogging & video thing just for fun and want to share it with you guys :)
we're not copying Miley and Mandy but they're just inspiring us to make this vlogging.
so we hope you guys enjoy it :)
stick around!

Kisses ,
D & P

ps : pevita is writing all of this and diza is just laughing next to her :p


icha bochiel said...

hahah i told you! i must link this pev :D

Kanira Supono said...

Pevitaa dan Diza
Vlog nya ada di youtube? waah mau nonton doong hehe, btw please visit my blog.

i'll link your blog :D

glostermeteor said...

semoga persahabatannya lancar tanpa rintangan berarti... amin

bUdHI said...

maen-maen di myspace, eh nyasar kesini..
visit my blog

afterblind said...

wow pevita punya blog..

ebby! said...

i found ur blog on astro's myspace, and then i found pervita's, and then i found this nice blog.
keep on writing!
cant wait for the next post! :]

Diza & Pevita said...

Thx for supporting us guys !!!!!

Hunn said...

Pevita, I saw Lost in Love already. Nice movie :)