Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CHALLENGE US !!!!!!!!!!!


You guys just mention the CHALLENGE on our Blog comment or YouTube comment (ex. swimming with turtles, do the back handspring, etc).
Anything, guys! Anything! The crazier the better :D
So, come on speak up, people!


Hey guys! For the sake of this blog, we ask you to CHALLENGE US! And we're gonna put it on next video post on YouTube!
Link our Blog & YouTube account and we will link yours for return :)

We'll wait for your response!


D & P


Anonymous said...

ora understand saia but good job ae girls.
~forza pevita~

Hannah H said...

Pevita and Diza, Ive link you guys :)

Anonymous said...

heey i wanna be the first! challenge as in what..?? what should i do? (:

Anonymous said...

i've linked you guys :)

Anonymous said...

videonya banyakin lagi doooong.yang kedua sumpah kocak hehehehe.

babyskiffie* said...

i've linked you! :]

Hannah H said...

Thank you Pevita & Diza.. :D

Kanira Supono said...

pevita diza,
i have link you :D

hmm gimana kalo kalian berdua bikin video tapi di video nya ini kayak bikin drama2 pendek gt, ato nggak bikin spoof film2 ato serial TV misalnya Gossip Girl ato ugly betty. Okay,thnks guyss

sasa super said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sasa super said...

scara .lo pev suka bgt sm superman !!
gmn kalo lo jd REAL SUPERMAN lengkap dgn kostum .oiia jgn lp .kolorx paling penting, mesti DILUAR :)

*critax lo slameti ssi.diza . .trs bla .bla .bla ,pokox tsera deee!
deal?w tggu yyak *


Benazio R.P said...

wahaha keren loh editan videonya , mantap! haha hmmmm gue mikirin dulu deh challengenya hoho

Anonymous said...

so u want a challenge? lets!
u think u got what it takes? haha ..