Sunday, December 21, 2008

holidayyyyyyy baby!

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hey ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im having a BUH-LAST last night at my school's pensi "BAZKOM KULTURISTIK 2008". the bands were awesome, everything was just great :D me and my friends from choir were performancing for the second time and it was hell of a fun!!! pake kebaya putih, sama jidat di totol2in odol putih kayak orang bali gitu just like balinese -we sang JANGER, yg di'remix' jadi total rock awwwwesome! i love you my choirmatesssss xxxxxx
sooooo... me and my sexy classmates, and pevita too ofcourse, are FINALLY got our ticket to Bali for new year! woohoooo :D ayo ayo yg mau ke Bali for new year let us know so we could have fun together :)
oh, i gainned like tonzzzz of pounds during BAZKOM week because ya kno, i ate like almost evvverytime karna capek dan blablabla, stress post-ujian yg FYI, i blew the chemistry exam sheets because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT, like... i really dont have a thing for chemistry, dan gw cuma ngebolak-balik kertas sambil ngarep dengan magical nya kertas itu keisi sendiri... ZZZ. anddd voila! i totally failed at chemistry, i got a big D... for DUH! my teacher said on my report book "she's a good student and could actually good at chemistry by doing lots of exercise, and blablabla..."
yeah, right. i dont even interested to find out what 'chemical name' for gold or copper or natrium sulphate or.... i dont even give a damn WHAT natrium sulphate is! i dont even now it exists or not. whatever. in just not into chemistry. biology's great, but not chemistry. sorry ma'am :p
okay i think thats it for today guysssss... im IM-ing pevita so hard so at least she could get her ass up off the bed and go bowling with me today.



bydt said...

hoho see ya in bali :D

10101992 said...

Biology is more fun to learn than chemistry .

i c h a o t i c said...

haha hell to the yeah.
chemistry is so not really (baca: nggak banget)


eLFiRa aRisanti said...

wow :)